Picwell offers a predictive decision support tool for health plan choice.

Our tools ask users a few simple questions and then generates scores for available plans based on an individual consumer’s projected costs, risk tolerance and preferences.

Picwell Medicare
Picwell Medicare is the most advanced decision support technology available in the Medicare market. Picwell allows the ranking and personalized scoring of Medicare Advantage (with and without drug coverage), Medicare Prescription Drug plans, and Medicare Supplemental plans. Picwell delivers plan rankings and detailed out-of-pocket estimates for health and drug costs. Picwell Medicare also incorporates Medicare Star Ratings, consumer risk tolerance and doctor participation, all of which help seniors make better Medicare insurance decisions.

Picwell Commercial
Picwell Commercial is the most advanced decision support technology available in the under-65 market. Picwell Commercial allows employees to make great decisions for themselves and their families by ranking and scoring employer health plan options based on total cost (including out-of-pocket expenses), risk tolerance, doctor participation and networks. Our technology is flexible to account for customized and variable health plan designs, as often seen in the employer markets.


How Picwell works with you:


Picwell’s business clients can integrate with the advisory tool seamlessly via cloud based REST APIs, which are compatible with any modern technology platform and are programming language agnostic.

Picwell’s REST APIs can integrate into a platform’s existing front-end user interface, or Picwell can develop the consumer-facing UI elements to provide best-in-class decision support capabilities.

Proof that it works

Picwell can help consumers reduce their total healthcare spending by close to 20% by enrolling in health insurance plans that better fit their individual needs and minimize their risk of exposure to out of pocket costs.

Picwell can help individuals save up to $1,300 per year. For couples and families, the savings can be even more significant, up to $4,000 a year.

Picwell has a 90% success rate at guiding consumers to choose a plan for their individual needs. Without Picwell, less than 10% of consumers choose the best plan.